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Four Months later ... *Must be said with the Spongebob voice*

Okay ,.. I let you down, it's been four months since my last Libra log and MANY things has happened! But in my defence ... I was ..... Searching for Magpies??? .. bad joke? Maybe? Okay back into my corner I go to hide,

Since I last darkened the door of my own blog, my debut album has been released into the world! Searching for Magpies is out on all downloading and streaming platforms! The reviews have been so positive and I am so grateful for the love and support on all the tracks! All reviews can be found in the News section of the website or in my Story Highlights on Instagram.

My own personal response to the album release is one of relief! Like I have always said this album has been a long time in the making and I made a lot of empty promises through the years that the album was coming .. but never did, I want to thank my Beardfire family for all the CONSTANT support and help throughout the process! Its also a really nice feeling for a listener to actually hear a, somewhat full circle version of me.

We also shot the official music video for Never Go Home. Shot by Picture Mode Studios in locations over Longford and Dublin, in August. It was such a fun experience and if you ever need a video shot be sure to contact Picture Mode Studios! We based it around a huge colour fight on Saints Island in Newtowncashel, Co. Longford and it was really fun to play some of my music students involved aswell - the video can be watched in the Video section of the website.

So what else has been happening? Well it was Libra season and I turned 23 ... apparently that's when life really starts so I am ready for it! I am making this blog very short but hopefully will try to get back to writing a little more - any suggestions on what to write about?

New music is coming I promise because we have started album 2 and believe me its going to be an experience!

Stay stunning little magpies!


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