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New Music on the 31st of Jan 2020

Ireland’s Queen of the Bop Strengthens her Claim to the Throne with Powerful Pop Single ‘Get Out’ and 2nd Album Announcement. From hedonistic gay abandon, to deep and tender love songs, like a Robert Burns for the present, smart and educated generation.

KTG, with her voice so-real-it-hurts, stamps her authority and artistry on every song. Her wondrous playfulness seems to come to us through the ages from the Goddess Danu herself, the mother of the Irish people.

She disarms us, and leaves us quite vulnerable, with her ‘favourite sister’ appeal. But like all super heroes, quickly changes to show us her awesome powers.

You will easily fall in love with KTG over and over again. A true genius of story and song.

 The song, titled ‘Get Out’ is a high energy pop track with a Latin feel and a kick ass message of personal empowerment! A bop that is impossible not to move your body to, with a chorus that is impossible to remove from your brain! Just what the

doctor ordered to kick start 2020. ‘Get Out’ will release January 31st, 2020 via Beardfire Music.


The Long Road Home

Second Album Announced


Never Go Home Reviews

“KTG’s soft, folk-tinged vocals soar effortlessly over the vibrant musicality, reminding us immediately of the likes of Laulationra Marling or Wallis Bird. Throughout the mini-album, KTG combines modern folk, pop and even country-tinged sensibilities to create a sound that is both playful and poignant.”Thank Folk For That

"Mas é em “Never Go Home”, novo lançamento da moça que eu quero que vocês prestem atenção. A canção é alegre e festiva, como um bom bluegrass geralmente é. A letra fala sobre ter a melhor noite de todos os tempos e passar o fim de semana inteiro se divertindo. Mas não temos banjo aqui e sim uma boa guitarra. Não temos um marmanjo barbudo evocando um coro de cervejeiros, mas uma mulher que não quer ser só uma trabalhadora em tempo integral, mas também quer ter seu tempo livre de diversão para fazer o que bem entender nos fins de semana: “você não estará vivo por mais tempo do que você estará morto”, diz sua letra." - FolkDaWorld (Portugal)

Transalation: "But it's in Never Go Home, the girl's new release that I want you to pay attention to. The song is cheerful and festive, as a good bluegrass usually is. The lyrics are about having the best night ever and spending the whole weekend having fun. But we have no banjo here but a good guitar. We don't have a bearded grown man evoking a brewer's choir, but a woman who not only wants to be a full-time worker, but also wants to have her fun-free time doing whatever she wants on weekends: “you won't be alive longer than you will be dead, ”says her handwriting."

"KTG’s ‘Never Go Home’ is a feel good folk-pop banger! Irish singer-songwriter KTG - aka Katie Gallagher - has no intention of going home anytime soon as she releases her fun-filled new single ‘Never Go Home’!" - She Makes Music


The Official Video Shot by Picture Mode Studios


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